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Can't make phone calls

Joining in

Hmm so I missed a mobile bill dated the 20th of this month for 12 pounds. The issue is now I can't make phone calls, and can't even call 789.

The message when calling any number is 'calls from this number are not currently being connected, please call 789 to speak to an advisor'

And so I call 789 and get the message 'calls from this number are not currently being connected, please call 789 to speak to an advisor. 

I don't remember the password for the website to pay over internet and it isn't letting me reset the password.

So I'm stuck unable to make calls. Can anyone please give advice? Much appreciated. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there danielY,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

To clarify, has the service been stopped due to non payment?

Secondly is our 0345 600 0789 not working on any other number?

Let us know,


i don't know why the service isn't working.... the bill I still have to pay is from only 5 days ago.. that seems a bit too short of a time to be disconnected due to non payment. I can't call any number, not 789 or the number you wrote down. 

I feel that if it was due to non-payment, I'd be able to call 789 to pay.. this seems like your call network is down

Okay, thanks for getting back to me,

Apologies for the issues faced, just to tick a few things does you phone still state it is connected to the Virgin network?

Are you receiving any form of date

Also what phone model do you have?



there's no data when I turn on data.. .. there are 3 bars shown and it says 3G. Is it connected to your network? Don't know how to tell, its android ulefone model. 


So we can investigate this further I've dropped you a PM.

You'll find the message within the purple envelope icon.