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Can't adjust any settings in Services on Virgin Mobile

Joining in

I just switched to Virgin Mobile and downloaded the app and wanted to change some settings, but everything returns the error message (EC5071) 'Something went wrong - We're currently experiencing issues with our systems'. I can see from looking that this seems to be a long-term and persistant problem with the app. It says you should be able to change settings on a laptop via your Virgin account, but this also does not work as when I go to manage services it just tells me what's on or off, but doesn't give me the option to make any changes.

Is there an effective workaround for this?

I've got to say I'm happy with the switch overall, but the Virgin App and the Website are both really bad and seem to be full of glitches. When switching I even had to call instead of ordering online because of how error prone the website is.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi gorag69,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome both here and to Virgin Media, sorry to hear you are facing some issues adjusting settings Via your Mobile Online Account.

What changes are you trying to make when you get the error, when did your Contract start?