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Can someone please help me??pleeeeeeaaaaaaase😩😩😩

Hi, can someone please help me with a virgin mobile issue? I know this isn’t the norm on here but I’m at my wits end with them.

I took out a mobile contract on may 24 this year and received the new handset on the 25th. I am deaf blind so a mobile is imperative for me to leave the house. The new phone turned up (Oppo A53) but wouldn’t work with my hearing aids. I arranged to return the phone same day and was expecting the packaging within a week…nope, never happened. Eventually I was able to return the phone on 14th June after a delay by virgin. Great, I thought…until the same phone was delivered back to me on 21st June! 
Since then, despite 17 hours worth of waiting and talking to virgin mobile, I’m no further forward! I am promised manager ringbacks, phone collected from home, none of which ever happened…I’ve been cut off, had the phone put down “accidentally”, lied to and virtually everything else a grossly incompetent mobile phone company can get wrong.

this is making me ill, I can’t handle the stupidity of the staff! Can a resolution team member help me out please? I don’t know what else to do😩😩😩

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Re: Can someone please help me??pleeeeeeaaaaaaase😩😩😩

Hi Sparky3366, thanks for getting in touch - I'm very sorry to hear about the problems you've had with a handset return.


I'm unsure what's caused this but would like to look further into it and see what we can do to help - please look out for my PM (the purple envelope) and we'll take it from there.