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Can only get 3G on phone not 4G?

Joining in

My wife has the same I phone as me and the same contract but she can not get 4G on her phone at all but I can no problem. Why would this be? Is it a phone settings thing or a sim card thing or a contract thing that would prevent this from happening.

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Martin281,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear that you have been having this issue, have you tried performing a full reboot whilst the SIM is in the phone? You may also want to try the SIM in a different handset and see if it has the same capabilities there. 

You can also find some useful tips and tricks for all things mobile data via this link here.

Let me know how it goes.

Cheers. Joe

HI Thanks for the response.

Swapped sims but no change but found out she had not selected the 4G option.

For anyone that wants the path to it is listed below.

Press Settings. Press Mobile Data. Press Mobile Data Options. Press Enable 4G

Hey @Martin281,

Great to hear you got this sorted, we also appreciate you posting how you did it, it really helps out our customers here on the Community Forums.

If you do ever need any more help or have any questions, please do reach out.

Cheers. Joe