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Can anyone on Virgin Media for phone network help me with this question?

Hi all, I was just wondering whether someone could help me with this. I am thinking of changing my provider however I am not too sure what to change to, so I spoke to a friend of mine. Essentially they use virgin mobile and Virgin Media for wifi. They were claiming non stop that their mobile data is way faster than that of my provider which is EE. To prove that it was their mobile data, they gave me their ip address, in which I saw their host name. It's weird because their host name is in exactly the same format as my wifi's host name (I use Virgin Media for wifi as well.)

The formatting for host name for VM wifi is XYZ123456-abcd

The word cable in the host makes me think that their claims are bs and that they are simply using their wifi instead of their mobile data. So I was wondering if someone who uses Virgin Mobile could check whether the format of their host name is the same. The way to check it would be to use mobile data and then search it up on google.

Thank you in advance!

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