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Calls dropping off going silent

Joining in


I have an ongoing issue where when I am on a call it randomly goes silent and then the call kicks back in after a period of time, this always differs in length.

I previously had a Samsung and it was happening on there so changed my phone to an oppo but have the same problem, I am now guessing it is a network issue as I have been with Virgin Mobile for a very long time and this has been a long standing problem that's getting worse.

Whilst on the call, the signal bar is always full so there appears to be no problem there, although the 5g is always dropping to 4g and sometimes to H.

Are you able to advise on why this is happening before I change networks? Nobody else has a problem with their phone in the house on different networks.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi leeroy221,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome back to our Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your Mobile service and calls. Based on your posts, it does appear to be some kind of network problem. I'm going to drop you a private message, so I can look into this further.

Please look out for my message in the top-right, purple envelope.


Reece - Forum Team

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @leeroy221 thanks for speaking with us today on the VM forums. 👋🏼

I'm glad we have been able to resolve the last query and get this matter resolved.
As advised - feel free to reach out to us and we'll assist whenever and wherever.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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