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Calling Uk from Tenerife

Joining in

I am on holiday in Tenerife and am not able to connect to local network.  I have previously been able to do this by selecting International roaming in Settings under “Sim Applications” but this feature has now disappeared. My data roaming is switched on in my account and International call barring is also off. How do I resolve this please 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi saravyoung, 

Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. 

I am very sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your roaming service whilst in Tenerife.

Apart from this issue, I do hope your holiday is going well. 

When you landed, did you receive a text from ourselves to confirm the roaming service was activated? 

Is this impacting all services including texting and roaming? Have you popped your phone in to airplane mode and then back out? 

If not, can you please try this and see if there is any connection made? 




Hi Nat.   No we did not receive a text message.  My husband is also with Virgin and has the same problem.  We can’t call or text.  Switching to airplane mode doesn’t help.  Why has the feature to switch to international roaming been removed?  We always did this when going abroad and it solved the problem.  This is really irritating 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your reply. 

I am sorry the feature has now been removed. 

Do you have access to a WiFi connection for you to be able to access your online account and check that roaming is show as switched on in your settings? 




Yes international roaming is enabled.  I’ve not changed any settings since I was abroad in November when I was able to connect by switching to international roaming.  Why has the sim applications facility to select international roaming been removed and can it not be restored?  

Hi @saravyoung,

Thank you for your reply, I am so sorry this has not been working. As you have advised you did not receive the text, we will need to take a look at your settings.  I will pop you over a PM asking for some details. Keep an eye our for the little envelope 📩