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Call / text problems since update

Since Virgin insisted on a new sim back in August, I’ve had the following problems:

Can only receive incoming call from one number (another virgin user)

All others that call me get cut off.

Can only send text via iMessage and they get received / shown as email by the recipient.

Cannot receive incoming texts (other than from the one phone that can call & Virgin itself)

Call and messages via WhatsApp good some of the time.

Have had 3 SIM cards from Virgin and still same problems.

Apple have done diagnostics test on phone and phone has even been reset back to factory settings.

Virgin call centre in Phillappines say they exhausted all options and can do no more, they even accept that I may need to move to another provider. 

has anyone else experienced this:


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Call / text problems since update

Hi there @JohnLavery 


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community. Apologies for the delay in response, we've been very busy and doing all we can to get to each customer ASAP. 


Sorry to hear that you've had these issues with your SIM and call/text features. 


Have we since been able to get this working? How is it doing at the moment? Have we advised if there is anything else that we can do? 





Hollie - Forum Team

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