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Call barring

Settling in

I have been trying to use my mobile data today as well as make calls but I keep getting a message saying that calls can't be made whilst call barring is activated. I was able to make phone calls until 9pm yesterday

I did not activate call barring and I would like to remove it. I think call barring has been activated through the SIM. I cannot call virgin to unbar my calls as that has been barred too. Could someone from virgin please respond ASAP as I need to make phone calls as part of my job.





Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Frubako, thanks for getting in touch with our forum team and a warm welcome to the VM community.

We're sorry to hear of the issue with your calls being barred, we'd love to best help with this.

Please, try the below steps:

Browse to your phone's settings and locate the option for "Call Barring." For example, on Windows Mobile phones, press "Start," "Settings" and "Phone" and select "Call Barring."

Wait several seconds for the Call Barring options to load from your network. Call Barring is a network functionality, and your device has to get your provider's settings from the network.

Switch your "Call Barring" options to the "off" position. Be sure that you select "off" for both "incoming" and "outgoing" calls.

Press "Done" or "Save" to save those settings.

Please, let us know if this helps with your issue, we're here to assist further if needed.

Forum Team

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Joining in

we tried everything. Help desk hang up on us four times. We're giving up and moving to a different provider