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Can someone give me a number I can call and speak to a British person. I'm fed up explaining the same thing over and over to a foreigner. I've been trying for 2 months now to get a problem sorted and I have to keep repeating myself and still not being understood. I don't want any of the numbers that come up when you search contact virgin or 150 from your home phone. I noticed when I was in arrears I was called by a very well spoken and cohesive British person. I'd like that kind of call again. Thanks.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @LaurieFP,

We do not have a direct line to speak to a team in the UK, all of our agents are trained equally the same and would be able to assist with any issues you have, we would advise you look at reaching out to the team via one of the methods here.

Otherwise if you wish to explain the issue here we would gladly look into it as best as we can for you.

Cheers. Joe

So what you're saying is you're all bad? Like I said it's been over 2 months since I first contacted virgin and about 40 calls, texts, emails later the situation has actually gotten worse, not better. But you're all equally trained? 

This isn't my issue, my issue is getting a foreigner each time who needs the same thing explained at least 5 times over in any call and at the end they still ask a question that's been first explained and then answered already. I'm pretty sure I don't have to be on the phone for over an hour each call trying to get help with something so simple that has still not been resolved. In my opinion the issue should have been dealt with within a couple of minutes after I've explained the problem. Not take 2 months to make it worse.

You're welcome to look up my account and read the notes or listen to the calls. Listen to the last one from today, that's a complete hoot. You will see how many times I explained the situation and how he kept asking stuff that I just explained. Which is why I insisted he shut up and listen before he says another word. Let me know when you're able to help.

Thank you.

Hey @LaurieFP,

I'm sorry you feel this way, as stated If you want to explain your Issue for us here, we will certainly look into how best we can assist you.

Cheers. Joe

Joining in

The only way to guarantee that you are connected to a UK Call Centre is to, when calling for assistance, progress the routine to 'Leave Virgin Media'.

I hope this helps.