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Billing error with threats to pass debt collection agencey

From July 2018 to March 2020, I paid £8 per month for a pay monthly sim card used by my 15 year old son.

In march I received a bill for £50, which I paid. I contacted a virgin rep. and explained that I could not afford to pay £50 per month for a sim card and requested that the sim card be cancelled immediately. I then arranged a sim card for my son with a different provider, who was able to place a limit on the usage of said sim (so no more nasty surprises). It baffles me why Virgin mobile are unable to to place a cap on usage ??? but I digress...

Yesterday, I received a bill for £89 for the sim card that I cancelled in March, threatening to pass the debt to a debt collection agency. I am unable to login/reset my mobile account as it says the virgin number is not recognised, so I cannot see how this error has arisen.

I have tried calling..... no chance 

I have an online message screen open for an hour, with no reply...

Does anyone have any ideas? 




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Re: Billing error with threats to pass debt collection agencey

Hi Rich333,


Sorry to hear about your billing issues and that you've been unable to log into your online mobile account. I've had a look at your details using the information we have on here and can see that you've spoken to an agent since you last posted. Do you still have any queries relating to your billing?


Regarding your online account, can you try to clear your browser cache and see if you can login or reset your password? Can I ask whether you have previously registered for an online account for the number in question and have been able to access the account or has it suddenly stopped working?


About the spending cap, you may have one placed on your account, please see this link for more details on how to set one up or change it.





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