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Being sent a new SIM

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I have been sent a text message and email from Virgin saying I have a new Mobile SIM card being sent to my address. 

I am confused because I did not request the SIM card replacement and it says it was ordered at 03.40 last night.

Could somebody point me in the right direction as to where I should direct my query as the FAQs don't cover what to do? My concern is someone else has ordered the Sim?! 




Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Virgin have been moving people off the Vodafone network onto their new partner O2. In many cases this is automatic but in a handful of cases it requires a replacement SIM.

My best guess is you are one of those cases.

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Thanks for that. It would have been nice for someone to email me why it was being sent, but your reply makes a lot of sense.

This is all part of the Liberty Global consolidation.

What LG are doing for all companies are either OTA or forced migrations to O2 as they have a stake in that company and no longer want to pay Vodafone for their netowrk usage.

If they cannot do OTA, they send the email or letter undetr the pretext that "we are improving your network", which is complete BS - they want you off VF as soon as possible.

The migration planning is a complete and utter mess. VM are under pressure from LG to ensure that this is done by the end of the year.

If you are not able to do either OTA or SIM migration, they will offer you a PAC code so that they don't have to deal with it.

It is typical of the chaos that LG are ensuing (I have witnessed first hand what has happened in another one of their companies abroad) - get it done, no plannign or thought, get cost savings.

I have just spent 45 mins on the phone with VM whilst on holiday asking for a new SIM to be sent by Friday so taht I can do this stupid migration and I am being told that they have to follow process.

I have a previous SIM with me - why they cannot activate that is beyond me........utter incompetence on VM part and this stems from the top - blame is at LG level.

I refuse to move off VM - I want them to resolve this ASAP. I have put in a formal complaint about the whole procedure and the smarmy emails saying that the network is improving when it is just BS.

All those letters and emails are system generated - therefore when you get one it is part of the forced migration.

Life would be easier if they still had VM shops...........but oh,. no.........

Hope that this gives a better insight.