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Bad signal on mobile

On our wavelength


so I’ve gotten a new iPhone pro max 14 and put my sim from my current contract into this phone. However, I’ve noticed the mobile data has been extremely slow compared to my other phone. 

it really struggles to load anything and I’ve tried multiple areas where my old phone never struggled, but this one does. Wondering if anything can be done on my end




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @certifythat,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear that you are having an issue getting your SIM to work on your new phone. Have you ran our checks on our website here to help transfer the SIM over?

Does the SIM still work fine in another device or is it just this phone?

Hope all this helps. Joe

Hello mate

Have looked and tried that before putting the post up and yeah it works okay in another phone. I wouldn’t say the best compared to other networks, but definitely better than in this phone

Hey @certifythat,

Thanks for getting back to us. Would you please confirm is this SIM new or have you had it for a long period of time?

If you would like for us to do so, we can send out a replacement SIM for you, just let me know if you would like this.

Thanks. Joe

I have had it a long time so if you can send a replacement that would be great 

Hey @certifythat,

I can gladly get that sorted through for you, in order to do so we will have to get you through security on your account so we can proceeded. I will be sending you a private message shortly so we can do this.

If you haven't used our private message feature before you can access it via the purple envelope icon on the top right of your screen.

Speak to you soon. Joe