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Awaiting Stock - Frustrating.

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I switched from another mobile phone company to Virgin this week, I have an order for the Samsung A23 with the OLED. I was given an estimated delivery of 22/10/22. I couldn't fill in the card details properly so had to get help, the help was so slow it took me a good several hours to get my order sorted.

Anyway now I am worried because I had a delivery date given to me of 22nd. I was told I'd have to be in to sign for it, so I've cancelled plans to make sure I'm in. Unfortunately it has been stuck on 'awaiting stock' and I'm a bit worried it's now going to come another day & I'll have to rearrange shifts again (which isn't helpful at all) but having read other reviews, I'm a bit concerned I'm going to be kept waiting so long that I miss the deadline for my PAC code to transfer by & will end up with another bill from the previous company for a new month.

I don't want to cancel my contract but so far, being with Virgin is significantly more stressful than it was to sign up with the previous company. As a new customer I'm a bit put off already.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Wotdusdafoxsay, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the order and the order will need to be submitted by 6pm. 

Have you now been provided with the tracking number? 


Hi Chris,

No it is *still* awaiting stock with just a couple of days left. 😞 Not very happy & have been trying to find out how long the cooling off period is as I'm tempted to just cancel. Would be a shame - I don't know why Virgin seems to make a habit of giving dates they never appear to deliver.

I have an order reference which isn't enough I'm afraid, it's a bit out of order, I've cancelled plans to to home that day.


Adding to my post that I've just sent - I did order before 6pm and this is days ago. Nothing has moved or progressed.

Hi Wotdusdafoxsay, thanks for the message. 

I will send you a private message so that this can be looked into further for you. 

Please look out for the purple envelope.


Literally no help still...

Just checked. So I've booked time off for what? Nothing. Don't give estimates you don't intend to reach or sell contracts with stock you don't have. Fuming, as now my PAC code is probably going to expire too. Unimpressed 100% as a new customer. My previous phone company had everything with me in 2 days!!!


Ordered – Awaiting Stock

Thanks! Your order is currently being processed at Virgin HQ and awaiting dispatch to Yodel


Delivery date and time

Estimated on 22nd Oct 2022 between 7am and 9pm

My experience with Virgin media is a short one given I'm a new customer but so far all I feel is regret. I had such an easy time with my previous provider right from the start but switched for the "better deal". I ordered the Samsung A23 with OLED switch... I should have seen red flags when I had trouble ordering and had to go back/forth with helpline to finish my order.

You ask for us to be in when the phone & switch is delivered as we need to sign for it. I already know this but canceled plans on Saturday to accommodate. Then I find out that my order is parked, went through three different agents to get answers before that was resolved but hey ho, it's sorted. The problem now is it is not even dispatched yet.

I have started to realise that my phone won't be here on Saturday which means I'm likely to need to cancel further appointments on Monday now too. And what then? This isn't very good for first impressions. I am waiting on the new phone (and switch) so I can activate my PAC code and end my contract with the previous phone network and it has an expiry date, which surely you're aware of when phones are literally your business. 


I've already posted here and had replies but not to actually help, just to ask my details etc then confuse me.

Nicole. 🙁