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Apple Watch series 5

If I purchase an Apple Watch series 5 from Apple, can I connect it to my phone contract I already have at no extra cost, or do I need to sign up for another sim and pay additional costs?

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Re: Apple Watch series 5

Hi Natsteel23

I've just replied to another thread that was asking, "Apple says EE, O2 and Vodafone networks support cellular connection on a iwatch series 5, but does Virgin Media"

Virgin Media are an MNVO using the EE network, however there is no agreement in place to support the iwatch series.

It's the same with other MNVO's such as Asda Mobile, Sainsbury's Mobile and  GiffGaff. It;s the same with Plusnet, even though they are part of BT(EE)

All the current networks that support the iwatch are network operators.

This will probably  change when Virgin either switch their network to vodafone, or complete the joint venture with O2, however there are no given timescales yet..


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