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Advice and clarification needed after suffering a very unsettling incident today!

Dialled in

After some info please and clarification on both my Virgin Mobile and landline service after suffering a very unsettling incident that caused extreme distress to all members of my family this morning at just after 2am!

My wife needed emergency hospital care and I awoke to find that the landline wouldn't dial out so reached for my virgin mobile only to discover than it too wouldn't let me dial out! I went into my sons room who also confirmed that his Virgin mobile wouldn't let him dial out either and then finally I triple checked with my two other children who experienced the very same issue - so all 5 Virgin Mobile phones registered to my home address were completely unusable, as was the internet!

I had to resort to knocking on my next door neighbours front door at 2.30am to ask if I could use his phone which I knew was on BT and thankfully it worked! He even drove us to the hospital and bless him, even leant me his mobile phone that I think he said was on the EE network.

I never want to experience anything like this ever again so just want to ask as a Virgin customer of over 21 years - why is it that all 5 Virgin Mobiles phones registered at my home addres wouldn't work at 2am this morning if they, as I'm now lead to believe are on the O2 network?

My Virgin landline has been connected into the same old 'BT' socket on the wall for the past 21 years and isn't connected to my router, so I was therefore under the impression that both telephony systems were working independant of each other?

Being left in a stressful situation like that without any means of communicating with the outside world is an extremely unpleasant experience and coupled with the understanding that by the end of the year we'll all be migrated over to Virgin's Fibre Phone service which requires a Broadband connection just adds to that concern if your broadband fails.

My question is -
do I really have to now go out and purchase yet another mobile phone and a mobile sim card from another service provider on a different network in the hope that this situation never happens to us again? Common sense and my experience earlier today clearly proves I do but the question is, when your spending over a hundred pounds each month on Virgin Media services - should I really have to do this?


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi garyarnott,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome back to our Community Forums.

I'm extremely sorry to hear about the disruption of your services, and the circumstances that arose with your wife during this time. I do hope that your wife is in good health, and wish her a speedy recovery.

During the period you mentioned, we were aware of an issue that affected our services which caused a total loss of service for some Virgin Media customers. Due to the nature of this issue, this may have affected some Mobile Carrier networks as they may use our network to provide connectivity.

As with all providers, we cannot guarantee 100% uptime and a fault-free service across our network. Whilst our teams make every effort to prevent issues like this, unfortunately, these things can happen

For ease of mind, we do offer an Emergency Back-Up Line service, which allows calls to Emergency Services in the event of a Broadband outage (for Fibre Phone customers), or a loss of service on our older lines (copper). You can read more on EBULs here.

In regard to your mention of another provider, this doesn't have to be an additional payment each month. Some providers offer free Pay-As-You-Go SIMs, which still allow calls to Emergency Services with no credit applied - this type of service may offer you further peace of mind.


Reece - Forum Team

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Appreciate the reply Reece, can you please tell me how I go about getting an Emergency Backup Line telephone for us to use for peace of mind should we ever experience this problem again? My wife is undergoing cancer treatment and we often have to speak to the cancer unit at our local hospital at all hours of the day and night so a device like this would be invaluable to us. Look forward to hearing back from you and thanks for the info - Gary.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi garyarnott 👋

Thanks for your hasty response. Regarding an Emergency Back-Up Line, we can certainly look into getting this sorted for you. I'm going to drop you a private message, so we can get this put in place.

Please look out for it in the top-right, purple envelope.


Reece - Forum Team

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