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Accessing your Voicemails when abroad

Hi all, 

You can receive and listen to voicemails while you’re out of the country, but you need to make sure you have roaming switched on. To do this, log in to Your Account and select Plans and devices, choose which phone you want to activate roaming on (if you’ve more than one), then click the Manage my services button. From here you can activate roaming.

While you’re abroad

If someone leaves you a voicemail message when you’re abroad you can listen to is as you would if you were at home. Receiving voicemails is free in the EU, and listening to them will cost you the same amount as at home, subject to our fair use policy.

Outside of the EU you’ll be charged to listen to your voicemails at the call rate of the region you’re in (unless you’re accessing your voicemails from another mobile or landline).

To access your messages, call your voicemail and press the hash key (#) then enter your PIN. You’ll need to set up your PIN before you leave the country. Just so you know, the voicemail symbol may not appear on your screen when you’re abroad, so if you’ll need to check your messages from time to time.

If you need more information, check out our dedicated page about using your phone abroad.

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