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Access to Voice Mail Abroad

Joining in

I am unable to access voice mail abroad (having previously used), when holding down 1 or 222 I am calling random strangers somewhere in the world.

Any help appreciated.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post @Moose64 and welcome back to our Community Forums!

Sounds like a bit of an odd situation this!

Can you confirm where you're currently using the services and which country you appear to be put through to?

When were you last issued a new sim card?

How long have you been outside of the UK?

Does this happen on an alternative devices, as well as the one you're using?

Kindest regards,


Hi David,

Thanks for your response.

Currently in Barbados.  Charges on my recent usage shows Anguilla.

I have been out of the country since 12th October.

Sim card was new with phone device approx year to 18 months.

I think it relevant to say, this was all set up with new pin and used with success in May of this year.

I only have this device (iPhone 12 Pro Max) to use the service on.


Thanks for coming back to me @Moose64, have you experienced any sort of crossed lines when calling any other numbers?

Are the calls being made via the tariff or via Wi-Fi calling?

Kindest regards,


Have had no other problem with crossed lines.

Calls are being made via tariff.




Thanks for the swift response, does this also happen when using Wi-Fi calling?

Have you been able to try an alternative local network via the manual network settings option on your handset?

Kindest regards,


I am unable to make any calls using Wi-Fi. 

Through settings, I have selected the networks available - Digicel or Lime are those offered.




Is the voicemail feature obtainable under either of those services?

Do all other features on the tariff work without issue under either of those networks?

Can you possible try accessing your Voicemail function via +447458333222 for me?

Kindest regards,


We have tried accessing other UK numbers via the local network and these are not successful.

Have tried accessing the alternative voicemail number and this is not accessible, though this number doesn't dial a number in Anguilla.



Thanks for coming back to us @Moose64.

Do you have the same issue in other locations whilst in Barbados?

This sounds like it could be an issue with the network used in the local area.

I see you have previously reported Voicemail issues on our Forums when abroad back in April, was this resolved on this occasion?

Kindest regards,