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Abroad - problems accessing voicemails

Joining in

Hello.  A couple of days ago, I raised a question about accessing voicemails whilst abroad.  I am currently abroad and have never had this problem before.  I understand a PIN is required, before departing the UK.  However, I did not know this.   My partner also has the same sum only deal as me - yet he's had no bother accessing voicemails.

I have received a few messages to say I have achieved a 'new rank' - whatever that means... but that really doesn't solve my problem.  I did receive a message from someone called Chris_W1, who asked me to confirm my mobile number and some letters from my memorable word.  Of course I provided my mobile number - but I only have my password details - I don't have a memorable word, to my knowledge, as I haven't done this before.

Can someone please help me?

Thank you