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Abroad - SIM card no active, unable to request new

Joining in

Dear community, I am in desperation.

One year ago my mobile was stolen while being abroad in Bali. I ordered new SIM to London home however when it arrived here - it didn't work. I ordered another SIM however when it arrived - it's not active again. Since then I am unable to order any new SIM card via online form and have no idea whom to contact in regards to it as no Chat service is available at all!

I have several questions:

1. I want to ask for refund for all monthly payments that were taken out of my account as mobile hasn't been used due to faulty SIMs sent

2. I need direct contact with Service team who could resolve this issue for me.

Due to absence of SIM i am unable to access any bank account and experience serious difficulties. I am not sure Virgin is aware about difficulties customers experience while trying to reach them from abroad.

Many thanks for your kind support on this matter. I hope someone from Virgin MObile team could help me to resolve this asap.