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APN settings for Oneplus 7t

Tuning in

Hello. I've arrived back at Virgin mobile after a few successful years at Plusnet. I ported my number to virgin but have a problem:-
The standard apn settings set up do not work with my Oneplus 7t. I had no data connection and limited sms availability - texts would either fail when and incoming ones were taking up to 12 hrs to arrive.

I searched around the internet and used the apn found here:-

Everything seemed to work today but the texting errors started again this afternoon. I've tried re-booting the phone and re-inserting the sim but no luck.

Just wondering if anyone has some different apn settings for Oneplus phones (preferably the 7t)?

My wife is on Virgin Mobile and has no problems. (Maybe copy her APN settings on a Huawei Mate 10, seems a long shot?

If I can't get it fixed I'll have to leave soon.



Tuning in

Updat,e for anyone still following this. I went on holiday for a week in Northumberland and the phone performed perfectly. As soon as I'm home the errors came back both inside and out. So it seems it's not the apn settings but something weird with my phone and Harrogate. (My wife's Mate 10 on Virgin works great everywhere). So I had to switch, to 1pmobile on EE, and everything works great again and I now have wifi calling.

Thanks for updating our community alfienoakes63,

We're pleased to hear your WIFI calling is back up and running. Thanks for letting our other community members know about this work around.

If you need any further assistance with anything, please pop back here.

Kind regards Jodi.