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APN for travelling abroad

Joining in

Hi I’ve just travelled to Rome and I forgot to text to get my APN settings now I have not data is there anyway I can get this sorted so I can have data outside of wifi


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Seanwatt67, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am sorry you haven't got any data.

Is this date switch for using your phone over seas turned on in your online app?

You could also flick in and out of aeroplane mode, or turn the phone on / off.

You should have also got a text from us welcoming you into the Rome, in this text there should be a link where you download the profile. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Aw that’s magic thanks! I was starting to panic haha it was the switch on the app that I hadn’t done, oops.

Hey Seanwatt67, no worries at all.

I hope you have a lovely holiday 🙂 Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?