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A Fix to downloading for the KAZAM TORNADO 348

At last I have found a solution to being able to down load apps to your Kazam Tornado 348.  I purchased this phone through Virgin  towards the early part of last month.  Since then I have NOT been able to download any apps or updates onto my phone.

But after doing a hell of alot of research I have found a solution.  Firstly go into google play services and clear the cache and clear the data.  Also go into Download Manager and clear the cache.

These are a couple of links that might help :

We had this problem for over a month now, the phone went to the repair centre and there was no problem. We then tried Kazams work a round which also does not work (see below)
Kazam are unable to sort this out and are relying on google play to work out the problem and release a fix (which is terrible service from Kazam)
1.       Factory reset device
2.       Install updates
3.       If any app gets stuck, clear cash and app data of that specific app and carry on with the set up.
4.       If this doesn’t work, download google play update from
and google play services
5.       With this patch the google play store will be up to date and all existing aps will work, however it might not allow to install additional aps.
6.       If the apps won’t be installed, install aptoide store from: to install and update apps.
I found the the top 2 links oat number 4.(above), didn't work for me, but going to google and downloading the link  on number 6, I have manged to update all my apps through and as well as download other apps that I need like Facebook.  I hope this will help you.  IT HAS FOR ME AND NOW I'M EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!!!!  I am very surprised that the tech guys at Virgin were unable to solve this.  I am not a computer tech, but at least I can now download and enjoy full use of my phone.
Good Luck Dave :-)
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Re: A Fix to downloading for the KAZAM TORNADO 348

Does this fix still work.  Have fixed my Kazam phone before, only for it to return.  Really fed up with my phone!

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