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5G - Getting It Activated

I received a text message earlier this week saying 5G was now available in my area. 

However, my phone is still showing as 4G and I've messed around with a variety of settings on my phone. Still nothing. 

I tried getting an answer through text support but it was horribly painful and I couldn't even get past the security link, which wouldn't open. I've now been waiting for hours for a response. 

Can someone confirm what's happening, please? It's an iPhone 12 Pro I've got on contract through yourselves. Getting quite frustrated now. Getting help or making contact with yourselves shouldn't be this difficult. 

My post code is [DELETED]


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Re: 5G - Getting It Activated

Hello @cllrdavidm 

According to the VM website, it should be activated automatically by April 2021 if you have a 5G device and you don’t have t do anything. 

Hope this helps 😀

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