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4G signal but no connection

Joining in


I’m assuming I’m not the only one with this issue. 

My data and service working absolutely fine for past 4/5 years. 

But since the new year, I don’t get a 4G connection from my home address, it shows full bars and a 4G signal but no connection/network.

as soon as I leave my area/street it works again! to use data at home I have to choose 3G from mobile data options and Itl work at a very slow pace which obviously isn’t ideal. 

anyone with the same issue and a resolution? 
I assume it’s to do with the vodaphone migration?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Fhaf,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I am so sorry to hear you're facing some complications with connecting to 4G when within and around your home. Would you mind confirming what model of handset you have?

Along with this, other than switching to 3G, can you confirm what diagnostics and troubleshooting you've performed thus far in an effort to remedy this?


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi zach thank you for your reply 


i have two sims with virgin for me and the wife both have the exact same issue. 

I have an iPhone XR and wife has iPhone XS Max. 

tried a new sim, and also resetting the settings. Doesn’t seem to have worked. 

looking around the forum I see that there are many people with problems like mine. 

is there a solution?

Hi @Fhaf,

Thank you for expanding. If you're on the Vodafone network through us now have you also checked to see if there's any known issues in the area using their Network Status Checker tool?



Zach - Forum Team
New around here? To find out more about the Community Forums, take a look at our FAQs!

I’m with virgin mobile but I assume it’s the switchover from EE masts to vodaphone Masts that’s causing these problems. 

rang 789 they were unaware of any problems. 

what do you suggest?


the coverage checker says it working normal when obviously it isn’t. 

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

If you have signal, but no data in one place but everything else is working it sounds like a Virgin / Vodafone interconnect problem.

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We can see you have spoken to the team and our systems show some diagnostics were ran, it was a couple of days ago but can you remember what it was they changed?


From what you have advised, as enlli has said, this may be a network issue in your area as the problem is resolved when in other locations. From checking the network there does appear to have been some mast issues but these show as resolved as of the 3rd February 2022.



They just refreshed the network settings I think. 

still doesn’t seem to work unfortunately even though it shows resolved as of 3rd february. 

I have raised this with our support team to see if there is anyway we can get any updates on this from Vodafone, once I hear back or get an update I will let you know here.


Apologies Fhaf, it's not great I know but we have limited access to details from here with the other networks.



Thank you so much rob for your help

I Look forward to An update from you.