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£180 trade in reward

Joining in

Hello, I just bought I phone 13 from virgin mobile on a 2nd line. There is an offer for trading in old phone. I have been trying to understand the process on how to claim it. I have so far spoken to customer services about 10 times but no one has a clue. All I know I am supposed to get s promotion code via email and then do it online through their trade in website. But so far I have received no email with the promotion code. Can someone please help me with this to get to the bottom on this? Thanks


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi latentspirit,

A warm welcome and thanks for posting on our community forums. We do apologise that you did not receive the help required when enquiring about our Trade up policy.

For more information about this, please check the link here This should answer you questions on how to go about using this service.

Kind regards Jodi. 


Hi Jodi,

Thank you for your message.

I have already read those in detail but to no avail.  As someone shared a post earlier stating that I am meant to get an email with promotion code.

Can you please tell me how do i get that email and why havnt i got it yet?

awaiting your reply.thanks.

Thanks for coming back to us latentspirit.

I do apologise that the link was not of much use. Unfortunately, trade in is not something we deal with from our community forums. 

If you have checked your junk/spam folders and have not received any email regarding your trade in, we will need to get this raised as a FCA complaint on your behalf. 

We would ask you to contact our Mobile team directly, but as you have contacted them several times before, we would suggest texting our team on 0753 301 6422. The agent you speak to will get this complaint raised and investigated further for you.

Kind regards Jodi. 

Thanks for the response, 

To clarify are you receiving the link through the email?



Yes,It supposed to come through the email .In one of the links i shared in earlier posts, people have also shared teh picture of what actual email looks like.

If you look at the earlier links, you will see how this issue is effecting most customers who switch for trade in offer. So therefore they are trying to get it resolved here because customer care and sales both cant help.

I have made countless phone calls in a month and they keep on passing me back and forth for no reason with no answers. 

Please see if you can get this sorted.

Just to clarify I should be getting a promotion code of £180 offer + value of the phone for trade in. That was the original deal on iphone 13.


Thanks for coming back to us latentspirit,

We can certainly understand your frustration, but have we advised previously, this is not something we are able to deal with from our community forums.

We can invite you in for a private chat to take some details and get a complaint raised to the FCA on your behalf, but we cannot resolve this issue from our community forums.

I will pop you over a private message, please click on the purple envelope to accept the chat. 

Kind regards Jodi. 

Hello there,

Can you please kindly raise a complaint . 

I have now recieved my £180 promotional code for trade in. 

I have more than 1 phone. Before I had samsung galaxy S9, when i tried ot trade in it said this phone is not acceptable although this phone is perfectly fine. I spoke to trade in team and they said they are not sure why website isnt accepting the phone. Although they said S9 doesnt appear in the list of phones on their trade in website.

I have another phone which is samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A300FU. This phoen clearly appears in the list of phones on trade in website.

Its now saying this isnt accepted either, now there is clearly an issue with the system. Trade in team dont know what to do or say.

I would like to raise a complaint. I am not fussed which phone I sent along with promotion code of £180 but I need £180 cash back. If that doesnt happen then I will simply cancel both of my contracts and send my iphone 13 back which I have now used for over a month.

I am sure someone in virgin can resolve this issue and give me my £180 cash back I signed for originally.

Again, trade team isnt able to do much with this issue threfore I need to raise a complaint.


Hi latentspirit, 

Thanks for posting to the thread and our apologies for any delays in getting this matter resolved. 

I can see my colleague has previously invited to your to discuss this matter via private message, have you received these messages in the purple envelope on the top right of this page. 

If you wish to proceed with raising a complaint, you can so online here

Thank you,