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12 months for nothing

I went with a sim only contract with virgin mobile with the promise from the sales rep that I could upgrade to a mobile 6months to a year down the line. 

Asking him if it went off my credit score he said no but you have to prove to us that you make your payments on time each month to let us give you the option of taking on a mobile contact with us.

Fine I thought. 

6 months down the line i go online and can't get passed the final phase of ordering an oppo X2 lite. So I ring them up go through everything and the guy says my credit history isn't the best that's why it didn't go through but I told him what the rep had told me at the start so he looked at my payments and said where are they.

I told him I pay my bill early when I get paid by card and he tells me I need to let the direct debt go out as normal because I've paid early they have no proof of payment history and so he can't proceed. I tell him I do that will I then be able to get a mobile contact at end he says there should be an issue.

Roll on another 6 months I'm at end of my contact i up the upgrade team and tell the lady I want an oppo X2 lite with free Nintendo switch for £22 a month with 3gb data . She puts me on hold for a few minutes then comes back and says sorry due to your credit score you can't have a mobile contact.

I explain everything I was told and I have done everything I was asked to do and she says despite me being a good bill payer she can't give me a contract yet the 1st guy said I would get one and the 2nd guy must of new a way to try give me one because he told me what to do with regards to payments which I did.

I've had bills over £90+ and still paid them each month due to me spending on the slots every now and then 

I've done everything I was told and I was miss sold this sim only contract on the promise not a new handset half way or end of it.

**bleep** off is not the word.

I had a dro in 2018 that dropped my credit score by a lot since then my payment history has been I've paid every loan and bill I've got and you can see this on my credit score.

Only things that are bad on my score are accounts linked to things in the dro which won't go off my record till 6 years are up.

I've just a company called lowel on my score recently pop up which was linked to something in my dro who bought some old debt which I've sorted out and given them the dro number which should go back off soon.

But what **bleep** me off is I could of gone with another mobile company who offered me the same deal sim only for 12 months then a mobile contact I feel used by virgin mobile to just make promises and do and say anything to get a sale to add to there daily total.

To top it off just had a text saying virgin mobile going to contact me to give me my upgrade options. Don't make me laugh unless you can offer me a Manuel reconsideration on my contact by looking at my payment history and payment history on credit file to see I pay my bills and give me the oppo X2 lite deal I don't want to know.

Virgin you know how to contact me but I will also be complaining else where


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Very Insightful Person
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Re: 12 months for nothing

Sales agents have been telling people to go SIM only for X months and then they will get a phone since I have been on this forum. They are only interested in getting a sale, probably due to poor wages in the outsourced call centres.

Virgin are one of the toughest in getting a contract phone and you might want to try elsewhere. There is no such thing as loyalty in business.

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Re: 12 months for nothing

Hi gamerthevaper, thanks for getting in touch.


I'm sorry to hear about this situation, I can understand your frustration with what's happened, it's disappointing the teams weren't able to offer the contract you wanted on this occasion.


Although taking out a SIM Only and making regular Direct Debit payments can help to improve your credit-score in some cases, a SIM only shouldn't be offered with this expectation - as confirmed in the t&c's the credit checks reference externally it's not just based on your payment history with VM unfortunately. 


If you remain unhappy and wish to take this further please find our complaints procedure here for guidance and the relevant teams will investigate & get back to you, if we can help further from here please let us know.





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