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Joining in

Hi I have been told I need to have a 02 sim as part of my new deal ad you no longer offer the virgin sim I have today received an email from 02 saying the sim will be with me soon and what the mobile number is on that sim but I gave the person the pac code from virgin and don't think she's done anything with it as I can't afford to be with out that number that was on the virgin sim is thare anyway to find out if its been transferred over 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Davidmac2021

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

OK so every SIM gets a temporary number when you get one. You then when received the SIM, give them the PAC code. However, because it's an O2 SIM and presumably you're going from OOMPH to VOLT, we've processed this for you. 

So it'll be done for the day you receive the SIM.

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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Tuning in

I'm in a similar situation. I agreed to move from Virgin to O2 on Thursday 10th November. My new O2 SIM arrived on Friday with a new number. I phoned O2 and gave them the PAC code on Friday and asked them to port my Virgin number across. Today (Tuesday morning) my Virgin number stopped working and I'm stuck with a number that nobody knows!

I phoned O2 just now and they say there's a problem and they are working on it, I may be without my Virgin number for another 24 hours. If I had known there would be these problems I would never have agreed to switch.



Hi 👋 @kristof

A warm welcome to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

Sorry for any trouble transferring your number over. 

How did O2 leave things with you? Did they advise your number would be ported within 24 hours?


Forum Team

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Yes, after being off since 10am yesterday morning they advised me at 6.15pm that it might be a further 24 hours.

However, when I switched on this morning the port has been complete, I can now breath again.

I never though I would be so dependant on a mobile phone but it seems tied into so many things that we do today.

Thanks for coming back to us kristof and I'm glad to hear that your port has now been completed.

Kind Regards,