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why do they stall?

Hi. I have been a virgin customer for many years almost twenty.
Originally I joined you because I liked Richard Branson. I believed in what he thought and what he did. Now he just sells to the highest bidder, I understand this and would do the same. However.

Since then he has sold and diversified you. So my original reasons for joining are now gone, my loyalty to Mr Branson is no longer there. Richard has sold to the highest bidder and collected correctly the most cost-efficient way. You still keep the name, however, the company or company has diverged. You no longer have the brand following or loyalty.

The Virgin name is no longer what it was.

I recently had a very mad, frustrating bad and very unpleasant experience with Virgin mobile. No one told me you had sold it on and different people were now responsible and did not have your standards.

When I e-mailed you-you told me. No longer our company. Nothing to do with us. After all the years of being a loyal customer, I was told basically.
F off, nothing to do with us. You washed your hands of me after twenty years.

I spent six months attempting to sort out the fact your transmitters were faulty and down, eventually I switched after many years of trusting the Virgin name I realised you could no longer deliver, and you were not who you were.

The next year 2019, I have to review my contract with you. As virgin has passed the buck so many times and told me many departments have been sold off. I am considering ahead of time my options.

I have been told by some of your staff that you do take into consideration, the current trends and the growing market, you are becoming aware that many other providers do offer the same and often more than you, for a less expense.

And also that we should advise Virgin of our concerns and what we can get from others as you want to keep your customers and our monthly payments to you.

So you will improve the customer service and reduce the cost to your customers in order to keep the monthly payments. I understand this far better to get X for two years than lose it.

I would like to point out that I am having deep concerns and am looking at different options for next year when my contract is up for renewal with you. Especially looking at your past record.

First off. I was a virgin mobile customer for many years and when you sold it on, it was basically washed your hands with me, no longer your responsibility., nothing was done on your part.

I got a few pounds off, but nothing for the 60 odd hours I spent on the problem.

I have a Freeview TV. This offers more channels than I get with your basic service. I can also get my TV to record these shows with an old external hard drive I already have. So your recording service is obsolete.

I can also get on youtube.
This has many movies, shows documentaries and fun things I can watch or stream or download for free.

I have amazon prime paid for by my business as I pay for postage and next day delivery and get amazon prime TV for free. Hundreds of movies, programs and other fun things, that I get for free through my business.

I have Netflix I do pay for this as there are a few shows I enjoy that you do not provide for. I have Apple TV. This allows me access to hundreds of TV, the internet, catch up and streaming services.

This and normal TV and the other services I have to give me access to hundreds of channels to watch.

One of the things I have noticed is that Virgin has now introduced catch up. I click on the Virgin service and am taken to. BBC I player, where free of charge I can catch up and watch all BBC programs, so why am I paying you, for a free service?

I also have this service with other channels. These are for free. Your record and catch up service I can get for free so you can see my concern in paying you for something I can now get for free. Can you see my point?

Over the next few months, all of these services will be doing everything possible to expand their catchment and make it easier and cheeper for customers to use their services.
I would also like to point out that although you accept no cost or responsibility for Virgin Mobile you still advertise it and have links on your site to it. You still advertise it, in a very active way. For this you do have a responsibility.

Please advise.

I have just after 45 mins of trawling your we site. 

Since them spent another 30 mins with people who cant help.

Any advice?





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Re: why do they stall?

Just thought that I'd mention that Richard Branson never owned Virgin Media and the only reason it carries the Virgin name is because the concern that did own what is  now called  Virgin Media bought Virgin Mobile from Richard Branson. The deal involved the inclusion of an agreement to allow the continued use the Virgin name under license from Richard Branson.

Your loyalty to Mr Branson was misplaced.

Just thought I'd let you know Smiley Happy


Virgin Media has never been part of the Branson empire or group of companies owned by Richard Branson.


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Re: why do they stall?

Well after reading your lengthy tirade, with all the other outlets you have I imagine you have given notice to leave.
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