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subtitles after fast forward dont catch up

Every program that i have recorded is recording right.  The problem i am having is that when the adverts are on and i fast forward, the subtiltles go missing for about 1 minute then catch up so that i miss out on what has been said during that time.  Rather than have to sit through the whole advert and watch the recorded program from start to finish to keep the subtitles there, is there a reason that this happens?  I cant watch programs without subtitles on ?

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Re: subtitles after fast forward dont catch up

Hi angie72,

Welcome to the community.

I just want to check whether this only happens after you have fast forwarded through the adverts or does it happen if you fast forward any part of the recording?

I'd also recommend rebooting the box by the mains as this can resolve many issues.

Hope to hear from you soon

Forum Team

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