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missing channel id

my brother in law has just on a virgin account after his mum passed away . the TiVo box appears to be working ok and he can match the tv , the thing missing is the idents on the tv channel app when he goes channel hopping 

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Re: missing channel id

Hi greenbackchap

I know I'm looking at your other post re your Mother In Laws account and I have had a chance to look at your BIL's acc.

Currently his set top boxes are showing as unreachable which may mean he has them on standby or switched off.

Tell him to ring 150 and our teams in Faults can run some real time diagnostics for him. Ask him to do a full reboot on the affected box before he rings or the automated system will pick up he hasn't done this and will ask him to do this and ring back.

If he wants to join the forums we can have a chat with him when he's online and we know he's home.

Thanks again.


Forum Team

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