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iplayer and netflix cutting out on Tivo box ?

Tried to watch a Netflix film via tivo box the other night, kept cutting out after maybe 15 mins, right light blinking on the tivo box. Ended up watching via smart tv feature.

Tried to eatch a film on iplayer tonight, exact same thing happened, anyone got any ideas?

I'm thinking why bother paying through the nose for Virgin when a basic broadband package would give me similar levels of functionality.

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Re: iplayer and netflix cutting out on Tivo box ?

Hi @martyg10

Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the forums and say that I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing issues with both iPlayer and Netflix through your TiVo box. I'd also like to apologise for the delay in getting to your post. 

I can totally understand your frustration on this matter, and would like to help you out. I've run some testing and can see some issues that may cause this fault, so would like to look towards booking a technician to call out for you. 

I'll send you a private message in order to get the ball rolling. Please look to the top right of this page where you'll see a purple envelope icon, click on this and you'll see my message. 

Many thanks and apologies again. 


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