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intermitent wifi connection

Every morning when I turn on the computer I have no internet connection and have re connect the computer. Also we intermittently loose connection on two Tvs half way through a programme, not sure why. The Router always show one constant white line, we have rebooted this now 2-3 times. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: intermitent wifi connection

Hi Lightfoot,

you should check that all cabling is tight. Have you tried a different ethernet cable or port?

You could try a factory reset. 

Keep the hub switched on and disconnect any ethernet connections, then push the reset button firmly with a paperclip or something similair. keep it pressed in for around a minute.

Wait around 10 minutes and it should revert to factory settings. You can now reconnect the ethernet cables.

If you previously changed your router password it won't work and you will have to use the one printed on the sticker on the router. You can always change it again by going into the settings

You can also  click check status at the top of this page after performing the reset and run a fault test.



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