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Please could you forward my email to Lutz Schüler as everybody else at Virgin Media hasn't got a clue!
Dear Mr Schüler,

I recently became a customer of Virgin Media drawn in by the promise of super fast broadband and a competitive price on TV and Phone.

I now wished I would have stayed with sky.

On the 24th of July a cable engineer arrived to lay cable from pavement to box on property outside wall. My wife asked him to lay the cable in a way she would like, that would not impact the front lawn. The cable engineers smiled and told her not to worry. When she had a look at what they had done she was extremely upset. They had dug the cable down diagonally across the lawn and there was now a groove on the surface where the trench was dug. (Picture attached) and on top of that, they didn’t even bury the cable all the way and it was sticking out of the ground away from the box.

I spoke to customer services (after waiting 45 mins)who told me someone would come and sort out the issue.

On the 26th July an installation engineer arrived and installed 2 V6 boxes one upstairs in our bedroom and the other in our living room. And a broadband router.

He completely made a mess of the installation.
1. The wire from the box to the upstairs room was not securely fastened up the wall and the gutter holder was broken.
2. The cable the went across our glass side conservatory so that when you look up from the inside you can see the black cable going diagonally across. (See image)
3.the whole drilled to access the bedroom has damaged the outside wall (picture attached)
4. He used black cable in our bedroom and left the wire to dangle to v6 box (see picture)
5. He has left his hand prints all over our white walls in the living room where he racked in the cable and the cable runs in an awkward way around the walls.
6. He said he would get someone to drop a booster over the next day as we didn’t have any internet in the bedroom which we are still waiting for today.

I telephoned the customer service several times to get an area manager to come and inspect and to correct the above problems. And I was given false deadlines as to when that would happen. I even had a team member say that an area manager would contact me which never materialised.

Finally After another call to customer services and again another 45 min wait I was told an engineer would arrive on the 29th between 1-6 to sort out all the issues and I made sure I was in and not my wife. An engineer did arrive and told me he was only to inspect the cable from the 24th that was dug into my lawn. He said he was amazed that they dug the cable that way and all the other internal issues and would raise the point with the area manager and the area manager would be in touch the next day.  I never received a call.

I rang again to complain and asked to cancel my account and to repair the installation problem but was told that if I cancel a virgin engineer would not be allowed to work on my property.
I was then put on to a call centre supervisor who told me again that he has just spoken to an area manager and that he would call me within the hour to arrange for him to view my property. Never happened!

In the meantime I logged a complaint online which I have never had a response.

I then went onto social media Facebook and Twitter as a last resort and within seconds I had someone reply to say that they would help. I went onto virgins chat line and told them exactly what happened and they were very apologetic and said that an area manager would contact me in the next 24-48 hours. Never happened! I have the transcript!

I went onto to social media again and the same apologetic approach with no action.

So I did a bit of research and found out that I need a deadlock letter to go to CISAS centre for effective dispute resolution (CEDR) which Virgin is a member.

I rang customer services again waiting for 45 mins to get my call answered and stated that I wanted a deadlock letter. Still waiting for that letter!

The next day I got a call from a customer service rep who told me an area manager was going to contact me and thankfully I did receive a call 2 days later from an area manager who said that a another area manager would contact me the next day and gave me his number. Why, then manager himself could call me directly instead of 3rd parties is beyond me.

The couple of days later I received a call from the other area manager who said he would be here today at 3pm. He didn’t show. I have rang both numbers and I’m still waiting for a reply.

I believe the service you offer is appalling and that after nearly 2 weeks I’m am still no nearer to sorting my installation issue. I can’t be talking to customer services any more and shall wait hopefully not too much longer for my deadlock letter so that I can force someone to take action.

If I ran my business like this I would be out of business which I’m sure will happen to Virgin Media eventually.

I wanted to write to you since you are the CEO and if anyone can help then surely you can. If nothing else then at least you can hear first hand how badly your business is run.
it wont be too long before the Virgin name is removed as Im sure Richard Branson doest want his good name tarnished.

Kind Regards



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