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how can we turn pin off PERMANENTLY? it is an absolute pain

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How can we turn the pin off PERMANENTLY?


We are a couple in out 50s and do not have children and DO NOT need a pin, at all, EVER, and should NOT have one enforced on us.


We have turned off the pin setting, but are still asked for one all the time. We dont watch porm program with violence ior drug programs, etc.,  yet it still is imposed on programs we cant even work out why. Why does Ancient Aliens need a pin? 


It is an absolute PAIN, every time we switch channels in a pin program we have to put it in all over again when we switch back. (And changing it to 1111 is not a solution).


When we were with BT (and other services) we didnt have to, so Virgin COULD make it optional. There are complaints on here going back to 2011 from adults without children, and with disabilities using the controls, asking for it to be removed permanently, yet Virgin have just IGNORED them.


WE are the customer, WE are paying for the service, WE should have the choice of imposing any parental controls only if they are needed, not Virgin.


So Virgin, when are you going to give the people paying the option to turn it off PERMANENTLY?



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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The only channels that always ask for a PIN are the Sky Movie channels. This is required by OFCOM, and isn't anything Virgin Media can change.


No other live channel will ask for a PIN unless you've chosen to lock them with one via Parental Controls, and you can turn off Locked Channels and PIN for recorded programmes via Help & Settings > Settings > Parental Control.

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Been a few threads about this recently. I have the same problem affecting a few channels. As always VM say they are looking into it but no signs of a fix. Number of problems does seem to he getting out of hand now and I agree it is annoying.

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Turning it off in settings makes no difference whatsoever. I have to put the pin in for anything beyond 9pm including programs recorded after 9pm!
This is extremely tedious as our household consists of people over 18 too.
Please advise Virgin Media



It really is a waste of peoples time posting without actually saying anything helpful.


WRONG. Sky Movie channels are NOT the only ones that ask for a PIN, there are many. I even gave one example which is on H2.


WRONG. I never said anything about 'live' channels? That is something you have manifested. 


WRONG. I said I had already turned off the parental controls and are still being asked for a pin, so why post me a link to them?.


Do you say whatever you can just for the sake of posting something? No wonder you have posted 13,685 times. Are you on an ego trip? I suggest you actually read what people have asked and only respond if you can add to it, like others have.


Thanks to the other that have replied. I have found threads on this subject going back over 4 years. It seems an ongoing MAJOR annoyance to many people, and just wanted to add my voice to that.


I think it is disgusting and arrogant for organisations to think they have the right to dictate what you can watch in the privacy of your own home.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The way this "nanny state" of a country is heading, its only likely to get worse.

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I am never asked for a PIN unless I watch certain On Demand programmes. Sky Movie channels also ask for a PIN, I'm told.

I watched a Film4 18 rated film the other day [which I had recorded] in the afternoon. No Pin required.

What exactly are you watching?

Interesting, as it seems to vary between different people. Some are saying they get it on nearly everything, some even get it on BBC news. I dont get it that often, but often enough. And I'm not even including Sky, or On Demand or 'live' programs.  It sort of implies to me that Virgin are varying the settings of what THEY decide is pin locked. Is it set in the Tivo box software? Or on Virgins program servers? Does everyone get the same settings? O r does it vary by when you signed up?


I've only been with them a few months, so maybe I've a more recent version of Tivo ?


I will start compiling a list and post it in a few days or so.


In fact, if anyone else has any ridiculous examples of pin locked programs could they post them please ?


(regardless, it should be up to the customer to decide)