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get out of contract

Had an absolute nightmare with my installation.

1. cable from street to building was done by digging in the cable diagonally across my front lawn. Now left with stripe. and didn't bury all the way so can see cable protruding from ground

2. cable from box on wall of home to back of house has been tacked across bottom of building then without tacks dangling up wall by gutter pipe and then across side conservatory where the black cable is again going diagonally across glass ceiling so you can see the cable when looking up.

3. drilled hole from bedroom to outside, so cable can enter the property but not finished the hole so from the outside there is no protection from the elements. (techician did not even hoover up the mess this caused inside!

4 when cable does come into bedroom its has 3 tacks and then just dangles to virgin tivo box

5. made a complaint to call centre who told us that the technician would return in a couple of days to rectify the problems, but when he showed up i was told he wasn't hear to rectify problem just to check the laying of cable from street to house

6. call centre takes ages to answer and then when put on hold the call is lost.

7. wifi is dipping in and out

anybody else had the same problems?


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Re: get out of contract

if your still in your cooling off period you can cancel.

if not you'll need to log a complaint and give them chance to fix it and if they can't get a deadlock letter

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