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free upgrade on Tivo box

I have received a letter stating I need to upgrade to a new TiVo box for free as my current TV box will soon no longer be supported.It gives you a site to visit to order it, cannot find this site!!!!! My husband then went on to live chat,after explaining he was told to get the TiVo box he had to upgrade at a cost if 3.89 a month!! If not he would be charged 40 pounds to send one out?? After speaking to online chat I took over and spent 25 mins holding on the phone,decided to use the thinking of leaving option.I explained and was advised I could have a free box at no extra cost with extra channels,I was then put on hold for approx 10 mins, I was then advised it was taking longer to sort it out and they would call me back in half an hour,to be fair I did receive a call back within the allotted time.and was advised my TiVo box will be delivered on 10th July.!my question is, why is it so difficult to do one simple thing that virgin have asked me to do in the letter? Non existent site to order it on! Online chat just want to sell you something.Between myself and my husband this matter has taken around two and a half hours to resolve,which is totally unacceptable. 

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