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bbc to be announced

just checked tv guide this morning found that bbc1 still has to be announced from Monday 20th Jan onwards, checked the settings page, and it shows that the last connection was successful, so it is connecting to the network, but the last time it updated the tv guide was yesterday evening.  I have around 6 programmes waiting to series link from Monday which cant be recorded at the moment.  I checked service status page and everything is ok in my area.  also checked the tv guide online - Virgintvgo, and that has updated info for BBC1 from Monday.  Anyone else got this problem?  Any ideas??

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Re: bbc to be announced

Your next scheduled network connection should fix this.

If you are impatient, do a manual network connection to resolve.

My Guide too was showing nothing from Monday 21st for BBC1 with a last connection this morning at 5am.

A manual connection fixed my Guide.

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Re: bbc to be announced

Putting the festive period aside, the current pattern of updates for the terrestrial channels seems to be:

Friday afternoon/evening: Listings for the following weekend (i.e. day 8-9) start to appear. Over the weekend, certainly by Monday - ITV, C4 & C5 have largely filled the second week. By the Monday, week+2 is pretty well filled except for BBC1 & BBC2. BBC2 fills first overnight into Tuesday, followed by BBC1 - and I have a sneaking suspicion the Radio Times coming out on Tuesday has nothing at all to do with this pattern ;-)

The EPG is updated at Virgin's end several times a day, and your TiVo connects to the EPG roughly every 5 hours.