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Worst customer support in all of the UK

I called customer support 2 days ago to announce that we'll be moving.

Everything was going fine, until she asked me to tell the new address I was moving to. I told her I don't have it by hand, plus I'd rather not give that out anyway because A: there's no need for you to have my new address. B: I'm not legally obliged with GDPR regulations to give you more information than is actually required, and C: my contract was with the old address, not the new address. I was not keeping virgin because there is no virgin in the area.

When I declined in a normal matter, the customer support rep started become condescending, rude, insinuating I might be lying to her, and downright arrogant. Stuff was getting heated, and she wouldn't accept me not wanting to give it, so I asked to speak to someone else, only to then be put on permanent hold.

I hang up and call again, and woop my luck I get the same person. This time, I just answer whatever random answer you want me to give you, she clearly is just playing along, and we proceed to finalise the call: and I state really clearly, 3 times or more in the conversation; I want my subscription to be terminated after December. I am still here in December.

Low and behold, 1st of December just happened, and everything is disconnected. I'm about to leave for a business trip, and now my family is fully cut off.

What is the point of contact that I need to speak to in order to get someone to listen to the recordings of that conversation. If someone's being **bleep**y to me, that's one thing. But to then screw over the rest of my family I'm just not having.

My plan was always to switch back to virgin once my new area got it because I like the speeds, but I will never in my life even consider getting virgin ever again.

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Re: Worst customer support in all of the UK

Hi Deliriumsz,

Welcome to the community.

I am sorry to hear that you have had this experience.  I would like to have a look into this to see how I can help so I will request some details in a private message.

Look for the purple envelope icon above.


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