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Why can't i speak to someone at Virgin Media technical team!!

I have had many years of good service when i lived at a different address .But recently speaking to someone have proven impossible.Yesterday i spent 100 mins on the phone listening to the same rubbish pop/rnb ( with no options available) till they cut me off!.

Now i have been on the phone for 30 mins due to intermittent internet that is driving me crazy.It started around 3 weeks ago, i reset ,rang up but couldn't get through.I stop using the internet on my pc.

I wrote in that ridiculous offline "chat" message section NO ONE has bothered to ring me back.What has happened to Virgin service? I am thinking of going back to BT.

I need help we use the internet for work its has become very strange.

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Re: Why can't i speak to someone at Virgin Media technical team!!

Hi there @manel


Welcome to our Community and thanks so much for your first post; I was sorry to understand that you've been having some issues with your broadband and also with contacting us to report this to us. 


Whilst some of our physical call centres are semi-closed, all our departments are open and agents are doing all they can to answer calls as quickly as possible. We also have a text service available on 07533051809


Alongside this, we also have our Status page and status number (08005610061) that you can call to check for any known area issues. You are also able to use your online account to go through self-checks to locate any issues you may be having


From locating your account via your forum information, I can see that you did managed to contact us last week and we advised to try a PIN hole reset. Have you seen any changes since then? 


I can see that it has been over a week since the hub was last rebooted. We have no known area issues listed and no errors showing on our systems. All your signal levels are where we would expect them to be too. 


There are no issues reported with your WiFi connection either - we can see that the amount of devices you have connected seem to be working ok and are evenyly split between the frequencies and Ethernet connections. 


If you're still having issues, please reboot and pop back. 

It may also be helpful to set up a free “Broadband Quality Monitor” to continually monitor the state of your connection and record any network dropouts.  It does it 24/7/365 and it keeps a visual record of your connection. If you need any help with that please let us know.



Katie - Forum Team

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