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Re: Why can't I just set a reminder as I did with my old Virgin+ box. Does anyone else find it annoying?

bean66 wrote:

Yeah same problem plus a load more.

Seems dumb that a reminder cannot be set without recording a program, it just means i have to delete programs for every reminder which is pointless.

Also everything seems abit clunky in operation, far more steps to do even the simplest things and it makes an annoying beep on every input.

Home->Help&Settings->Audio->Sound effects volume-> off

As i've only imherited this box due to a HD recorder box having intermittent problems i may just plug the old box back in and put up with the intermittent freezing i was having.

The old box will be decommisioned

Also the old box looked much better under the TV with its round blue light rather than this ugly curved thing i cannot put anything on top of.

New tech should be better than the old, simpler and more intuative to use, be hey Cisco are a business networking hardware supplier not a consumer electronics specialist so no surprise there then.


There wasn't really anything intuitive about the V+ you were just used to it, pressing yellow to record a series is not intuitive

I bet the quote per unit was lower.

Good job im not paying extra for this substandard machine.






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