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WWE Network on VM 2020

Morning all,

                    I am sure this has been thrown out there before but after 5 years away from VM (big regret and very much missed, Sky just can't compete) it would appear that Virgin Media and BT have a good relationship unlike Sky and BT, what a goal it would be for Virgin and BT to team up and have the WWE Network on Tivo and BT (whatever their T.V. Service is called) and I am sure Virgin and BT would make more money than putting the PPV's on PPV. It could be that once this Covid stuff is all over, WWE go back to their original plan of getting the big 4 PPV's on broadcast television, seeing as BT and ESPN are hand in hand in this country.

Thoughts on this in 2020? I have always found it odd that the Network has been around now since 2014 and it still isn't on the main T.V. Providers platform and the WWE Network is ideal for Tivo and for us lazy **bleep**s, a God send, rather than faffing about about going on to Amazon Firestick etc, to just push "Home" and bang it's there.

All I would say Virgin is that where WWE is concerned and the amount of kids that watch it again these days, there is opportunity there to make some £££

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