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V53 error

Cannot watch more than a couple of minutes of TV without getting a V53 error.  Why am I paying so much money for this?

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Re: V53 error

I'm sorry to hear about this Sland,


I've located your details and I can see that you've since completed a system check via our customer support line.


Are you still experiencing trouble with this?


Speak soon,







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Re: V53 error - a possible way to get rid of it

A few weeks ago our internet kept dropping out but I saw some VM technicians at a nearby area box so assumed they were sorting out a problem. Within a day or so the VM technicians disappeared and our internet returned to normal but we then found that we were experiencing a V53 error on our TV every time after it had not been used for a while and the Tivo box had gone to power saving mode. I did all the usual things like checking connections, switching off equipment, leaving and rebooting, all without success. I then phoned VM who sent a signal down the line and they said all was in order even though the V53 error was on my screen as I talked to them. I therefore asked if switching off the power saving would change things and they said it might so I said I would do that and contact them again if the problem did not go away. Using my Tivo remote I pressed Home/Help/Settings/Devices/Power Saving and then switched it Always On. Since then I have not experienced the V53 error.

Admittedly, now my Tivo box is permanently on, I am not being ECO friendly but at least I have eliminated the frustration of the V53 error.

I have no real facts to substantiate it, but I think a recent VM software upgrade or change is at the root of the V53 problem and certainly a possible way to get rid of it is to put the Tivo box "Always On".

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