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Tv screen freezes and reports a problem

I have just started watching netflix and bbc i player.the screen regularly freezes while watching and says there is a problem.there are 2 green lights on the front left hand side of the tivo box and the right hand light will not unfreeze until both lights are solid and i can only seem to to this if i turn box off at mains and then restart it.

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Forum Team
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Re: Tv screen freezes and reports a problem

Hi there @suz911


Welcome to our Community and thanks so much for  your first ever post - sorry that you're having some issues with watching some of the apps available. 


I have been able to locate the account from your forum information and can see that you do have our TiVo box - these boxes actually have their own modem inside so do not require the connection from your broadband hub to work or view any online content or access the apps. 


I can see that the box was last rebooted around 14 hours ago. Everything is looking ok with the box from here; no errors are showing and all the modem signal levels inside the box are within the specifications we would expect. 


Do you find the rebooting the TiVo works to reconnect? Are you seeing any other issues with your TiVo currently? Missing info guide? OnDemand issues?


You can check the connection with the network and force a connection by following these steps using your remote control: 


Home> Help&Settings> Settings> Network> Connect to Virgin Media Service Now


If you're still having issues after that, please do let us know and we can go through further checks with you. 








Katie - Forum Team

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