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Tv pixilation all channels and hub rebooting


I have had ongoing issues with my connectivity on my hub and with channel pixellation. Finally after months (years?) of issues a lady came out and finally tracked the problem to the box outside with a faulty tap. She terminated the faulty one, connected me to another, reported the outside box as requiring replacing and things were great until 4 weeks ago. 

The pixilating happens day and night, the picture freezes and when it gets really bad the hub drops all connectivity and appears to reboot.

I don't want to speak to off shore call centers who just restart everything or for them to send an engineer who just tells me I need my Tivo box replacing when I don't. 

I tried the chat on the app. Two days average response time. You have to be at home for them to try helping. So far nobody there has managed to contact me back when I am at home. 

To add insult to injury you're putting the prices up. The person on the end of the last chat refused to get anyone onshore to contact me. When I said I'd rather cancel my contract than continue the pain by ringing support off shore he very helpfully sent me the details on how to cancel my contract and then put my outstanding query as resolved. 

I want my VM to work. I'm tired of engineers just wanting to swap things out and promising things will be resolved. 

Can someone just please sort this before I have to start looking at other options?

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Re: Tv pixilation all channels and hub rebooting

Hi Marlene,


Sorry to hear that your ongoing Hub and pixelation issues have not been resolved.


I'll send you a Private Message asking for more details. Please reply to it so I can take a look a look at your account and help.





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