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Trying to book an engineer as Tivo box is broken

My Tivo box has been broken for about a month. It started off just constantly freezing when watching TV and I tried to get in contact then. Ringing 150 off my house phone would just ring for over an hour and then hang up.

It's now completely broken as it just says starting up and then goes to a black screen.

I booked an engineer on Tuesday for them to come this morning. They never showed up. 

I had someone on live chat today for an hour and a half who said I never had an engineer booked. The furthest we got was them asking me if the box was switched on, they then ignored me until their shift had ended and said the conversation would continue tomorrow. 

All I want is an engineer to come out and replace the box. Yet here I am, a month later still trying to get one. 

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