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Tivo misses some recordings or cuts them short.

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Most of the time the TIVO box works fine for recordings, but sometimes misses completely or only records part of the dedicated programme.. Mainly defaults when there is a series link set.  How can I correct this, please? 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Recordings that are missed completely, are likely to be explained by "recording logic" somewhere. Check the "Recording hiccups" folder which lists every "failed" recording and gives the reason. If you can post specific examples (programme, date, time, channel & your series link settings) then someone can likely spot the issue.

"only records part of the dedicated programme" - can you explain more? Are you getting two separate recordings, with a few minutes gap in-between? That's symptomatic of the TiVo restarting during the recording - a fault. Or do you get one recording but it's short? If you press the "play" button during watching the programme to get the progress bar - does the red fill the whole bar, or is some missing? Post up some photos if you think it could help...

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