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Tivo box extremely slow, how to upgrade to V^?

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I am getting very frustrated with the speed & lack of features of the V6 box, how can I get hold of the faster V6 Boxes (I have 2)? 


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Very Insightful Person

Hi @maryandstanley 

Do you currently have a TIVO or a V6 box?

The reason I'm asking is because you posted in the TIVO forum. The TIVO is VM's oldest box and your thread title asks about upgrading to a V6, but looking at your actual post it appears to be that you already have a V6.

You need to have broadband with VM to have either of the newer V6 or TV360 boxes, whereas the older TIVO has it's own inbuilt modem.

You can check which box you have on <<< this page >>> 

If the link doesn't work either try an incognito window or a different browser.

The V6 boxes, and the main TV360 boxes are the same equipment, but use a different interface.  The V6 still uses TIVO and has a few propriety functions which aren't available on the 360, although the 360 uses the Horizon interface and does have voice control.

This thread is a comparison between the V6 and 360 and explains a lot of the differences /360-Features-v-TIVO-Features/td-p/4804820 

If you do upgrade to a 360 then you can't go back to a V6.

If you do currently have the older TIVO and also have broadband with VM then I suggest upgrading to the V6 first, that way you will have a hard drive on both boxes for storage. You can always change the V6 to the 360 later on. This would be a firmware update of the 360 so it runs the Horizon interface instead of TIVO.

If you have the older TIVO and do an upgrade straight to the 360, then your second box would be a mini 360 which doesn't have a hard drive.

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As per newapollo, the V6 box is not known for its slow speed whereas the TiVo's are - so which do you have? There is no such thing as a "faster V6", the newer 360 software that has been mentioned is fundamentally different to TiVo/V6 and I would not recommend anyone converts to that without full research into the relative pros & cons.

If you have a TiVo and are looking to upgrade to a V6, then the best way of doing so is to renegotiate your entire package and ask for a box-swap as part of th deal - but be aware a retentions agent is likely to sell you a TV360 swapout, so you'd do well to be prepared and understand what the differences are. It may suit you and be a good move, but it may not - in which case, the time to say "no thanks, a V6 please" is on that call and not afterwards, when it will be too late.

What functions are you referring to when you mention lack of features? If you were to do V6 vs 360 comparison, there's still a strong argument that TV360 misses some of the V6 functions... but it depends what features you want your box to have.

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I have checked both my main Lounge Box & secondary Bedroom Box, they are both Tivo Boxes from years ago.

As per your advice I will call retentions, I'd be happy with V6 Boxes.

I can see that since your post you've been able to speak with the team 🙂