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Tivo Box - Power Surge

Fibre optic

Hi, we have 2 tivo's and superhub 4. On Sunday night (19/6/22) there was a very violent thunderstorm with very very loud thunder and powerful lightening. This was at 19:30, and during this our virgin services went offline (all of it)

The kids were upstairs watching our 65" tv which is connected to a tivo, and a roku and a cctv dvr (all via hdmi). These are also all powered via a surge protected extension block. There is also a netgear 5 port unmanaged switch.

The Tivo and tv both went off. When i went upstairs because the kids were shouting me i found the philips tv (ambi-light smart tv) had a black screen, but the led's on the side were flashing, and so was the philips logo on the bottom of the tv (small clear plastic plate that lights up with philips written on it)

it wasnt until today after work i took another tv up there after our services were restored some time this morning.

The tivo downstairs and the superhub are both working fine, but the tivo upstairs has a power light on (white) but isnt showing any picture? I changed the hdmi lead for a spare one and still nothing. 

I know there are isolators on both the tivo downstairs on the rg6 cable, and on the superhubs cable as well, but there is not one upstairs. The rg6 goes from the tivo to a coupler and straight outside to the brown box outside.  

Has the tivo received a surge via the rg6 which has gone through the hdmi to my tv, blown that then blown the roku via hdmi as the roku isnt outputting a tv signal via hdmi either? 

I have contacted customer services and explained this, they have arranged for an engineer to attend this week. 

is it possible that the tivo could send a surge through the hdmi if it took a surge from the virgin network through the rg6? The only device thats working in that room is the network switch which sint connected via hdmi, just ethernet to every device (4 of them) 

No surge protectors tripped or any other tvs in the house went off (includung the one in the louge which is connected to a tivo) and the superhub and all other devices in the house are absolutely fine?! 


Also how would i go about raising this as a serious complaint to virgin if it is confirmed that the tivo has caused this?



Thanks for that, but I dont agree with whats being said, only for the fact that virgin didnt install the equipment correctly in the first place, and we have done everything in our power to protect our equipment. If virgin didnt install an isolator or any kind of surge protection then they should be liable for any damage caused 

Thanks for coming back to us @sku11meister, you can raise a complaint online using the methods here or I would be happy to raise a complaint on your behalf.

Please let me know, if you'd like me to raise it for you.

How did your technician visit go?




Hi Steven, 

The engineer came and he confirmed that there was not any isolator installed on that tivo upstairs where the tv has blown up. He installed one and then replaced the Tivo for a new one. He said he would put in his engineers report that hes now installed one upstairs. 

I did go online and speak to some one regarding this, and they took all the details. They told me some one would be in touch with me via email, but I have not heard anything as of yet?

If you could check to see if a complaint has been raised correctly, and let me know if I am due to hear some thing back? As it stands I am now paying for a second Tivo box we cannot use as the tv is still damaged. The agent online said that there was no outage reported at the time I said, but then said they found an issue?

My services went offline at approx 1930 on Sun 19th June 2022. Most of Gravesend went down from my understanding and some parts of Gravesend had loss of electrical power as well, but not us. We just lost all virgin services.

The only damage has been to the tv connected to that tivo, and all that equipment is and was on a surge protected socket system which i showed to your engineer. None of my surge protection sockets upstairs or downstairs tripped, and no other equipment was damaged in the house (including items on normal power points). The roku and cctv came back online once I reset them and tried them on another tv so its only the tv upstairs which has been damaged and needs repair. 

Hi @sku11meister

Thanks for coming back to us

I shall PM you now to assist further


Forum Team

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