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Tivo Box Dead

Second Tivo Box dies last Thursday. Orange light on power button, totally unresponsive. swapped boxes over and still nothing. Reviewed the forums and found a number to text. Texted and, despite Corona delay notices, was pleasantly surprised to receive a response. Went through a few tests and got transferred to another department. Did not then receive a response (Was advised 2-4 hours). Chased ob Friday and same thing happened, on Saturday got through to someone very helpful who suggested the box needed replacing and this would be sent out. I asked for a timescale and was advised an engineer would attend on Monday between 7AM and 12PM. Frantic tidying up occurred, but no engineer arrived. I have texted on numerous occasions since, and not received a single response. I really just want to know what's going on, anyone got any tips? there could be a box due to land on my doorstep at any second, equally my issue could have drifted into obscurity?

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